• Information and Management System: Forest Enterprises

  • X-Matic Server
  • Tree-Matic

    ... Operat
    ... Material accountancy
    ... cost-efficient operations
    ... Simple calculation
    ... Offer - bill
    ... Resource Management
    ... extensive filtering and sorting capabilities

  • Tree-Matic

    ... Windows interface
    ... Structure, table and form views
    ... Access management for data backup
    ... Transfer of legacy data as part of the introduction
    ... Access to interfaces to existing databases
    ... integrated address management

  • Tree-Matic

    a modular software solution which is flexible for forest enterprises of any size.

  • Survey Data
    Cartography: forestry institutions are directly displayed as a thematic map (tree map etc.)

    Budgeting, planning and control measures, preparation of annual plans and medium term planning pools, project control / status determination of all planned and standing in enforcement activities, wood frame contract management with a continuous update of contract. All the information can be accessed at any time.

    Hunting - optional
    All the hunting operations, from planning the shooting to sales can be handled: Launch Planning - and monitoring, management of Hunting licenses, route messages, billing, and numerous hunting reports and statistics

  • Tree-Matic: DATA MANAGEMENT for Forest Enterprises

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