• Information and Management System: Facility Management

  • X-Matic Server
  • F-Matic

    ... Timeliness of data and plans
    ... accelerated flow of information
    ... targeted maintenance
    ... better analysis
    ... benchmarking with latest figures

  • F-Matic

    was developed with the assistance of facility management experts and meets the actual needs of business practice.

  • F-Matic

    a modular software solution which for any building and property values ​​dynamically scaled and can be matched exactly to the needs of our customers.

  • What is Facility Management?
    Facility Management (FM) is for planning, analysis and optimization of all processes and services around a building. The goal of FM is the best discharge for their core business. Strategic and operational FM includes optimization of processes, savings and increases productivity.

    Optimierung Ihrer Strukturen mit F-Matic
    With F-MATIC infrastructural, commercial and technical building management are linked within one system. F-MATIC is a specially designed product that is very user friendly and is characterized by high modularity and flexibility. Furthermore, F-MATIC compatible with all major operating systems.

  • F-MATIC is based on an analysis of building costs and is used to optimize the commercial exploitation.

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